8 Cold Weather Tips for Your Warehouse

Not all warehouse practices are ideal for cooler temperatures and unpredictable weather. As we settle into a cool winter, we recommend that you reassess your warehouse’s preparation for cold conditions, slippery surfaces and more. Here are eight of our best tips for cold weather preparation!

  1. Keep All Walkways Clear

A cluttered walkway is one misstep away from potential injuries, ruined equipment and decreased productivity. Keep your warehouse organized and your walkways clear of any debris, trash, packages and more. 

  1. Ensure That Your Employees are Safe

Are your employees as safe as possible during the cold weather? OSHA has not released any formal regulations for cold weather, but there are specific guidelines for employee safety. For example, your warehouse employees should be able to perform first-aid when necessary, as well as identify and recognize cold weather-related injuries. Comprehensive training should include controlling warehouse equipment, enforcing preventative measures and more.

  1. Reduce the Air Flow From Outside With Strip Doors

Any type of weather can affect the internal climate of your warehouse, especially colder temperatures. Ensure that any warmth remains inside your building with strip doors. When installed correctly, strip doors placed at loading docks can help reduce cold air from outside.

  1. Only Use High Speed Doors When Necessary

High speed doors are intended to reduce any effects from outside elements. A fully-powered high speed door can move at 48 inches per second. However, those seconds can quickly add up over time, especially when exposure to the elements is a risk. Make sure that your employees know to only use high speed doors when necessary!

  1. Consider Investing in Forklift Cab Covers

Did you know that a forklift driver has a higher chance of suffering an accident when the weather is unideal? Weather like snow, ice and drizzle can affect a driver’s vision and security, which increases the chance of an accident occurring. Forklift cab covers also protect the driver from any potential falling cargo.

  1. Don’t Skip Inspections

The worst time to discover faulty equipment is when you need the equipment most. Don’t cut any inspections of warehouse equipment and HVAC systems. Your employees (and bottom line!) will thank you in the long run.

  1. Check That Docks and Doors are Sealed

Doors are the main line of defense between your warehouse interior and the outside environment. Check that your doors are sealed; clean your loading docks to ensure that ice does not form. Simple steps like these are key to keeping your warehouse productive and your employees secure.

  1. Ensure That Your Plumbing Works Properly

A plumbing leak is the easiest way for liquid to accumulate where it doesn’t belong. Frozen liquid can cause blockages. Also, we recommend that you insulate any pipes that are not adequately prepared for dropping temperatures.

There are many steps to preparing your warehouse for cold weather! At Port City Industrial, we are dedicated to making your warehouse work, despite ice, cold, drizzle and rain. We offer equipment maintenance, warehouse optimization and more helpful services. Reach out to our experienced crews today to get started.

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