Other Material Handling Equipment

Industrial Cabinets for Any Warehouse

The keys to any productive and efficient warehouse are an optimized layout, the correct equipment and the ability to adapt. When selecting new equipment for your warehouse office, industrial cabinets are the best solution for storage and allocating the appropriate amount of space. At Port City Industrial, we offer the following selection:

BIN CABINETS, including all-welded cabinet bins and clear tip-out bin stands

COMBINATION CABINETS, including drawer depths ranging from 21” and 28”, as well as additional shelving

COMPUTER CABINETS, like laptop storage carts, mobile computer cabinets and security workstations

DRUM CABINETS for storage

FLAMMABLE STORAGE cabinets, including acid storage cabinets, aerosol storage cabinets and cylinder storage lockers

MOBILE CABINETS with gauges in the 12 to 16 range

SAFETY CABINETS for storing acid and corrosive materials

SECURITY CABINETS, including clear view storage cabinets, heavy-duty storage cabinets and economy mobile cabinets

SEE-THROUGH CABINETS that can be as wide as 48”

STORAGE CABINETS with different styles are available for you to choose from

WARDROBE CABINETS, including all-welded cabinets, combination cabinets and more

It can be easy to overlook simple solutions for flashier models and more heavyweight equipment. However, you should remember to look at cabinets for storage; cabinets can hold paper, dangerous materials, technology and more. At Port City Industrial, we make warehouses work. We want to work with you to make your warehouse the best that it can be.

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