MacroAir HVLS Commercial FansManufactured in the USA and installed worldwide, MacroAir fans are trusted by companies such as Coca-Cola, FedEx, IKEA, Walmart, and NAPA Auto Parts and are the exclusive HVLS fans for independent auto dealerships of BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Toyota under their Dealer Equipment Programs.

Designed in San Bernardino, California in 1998 MacroAir invented the big industrial ceiling fan – also known as the High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS fans) and continually strive to push boundaries and set the bar when it comes to engineering and product development with technology based on the principle that moving air slowly is far more efficient than moving air quickly. MacroAir fans move air down and out in all directions to keep air fresh and help people and animals feel more comfortable through energy efficiency and proper airflow.

When you purchase your MacroAir HVLS fan from Port City Industrial, you benefit from local installation teams and local service.

HVLS stands for High Volume Low Speed fans. These are large ceiling fans typically used in industrial or commercial settings to improve air circulation and ventilation. HVLS fans are designed to move large volumes of air at low rotational speeds, typically ranging from around 50 to 150 revolutions per minute (RPM). They are known for their efficiency in moving air over large spaces with minimal energy consumption, making them suitable for spaces like warehouses, gymnasiums, airports, and agricultural buildings. HVLS fans are often used to enhance comfort, reduce energy costs, and improve overall air quality in large indoor environments.

HVLS fans are sometimes referred to by different names depending on the manufacturer or region. These terms are often used interchangeably with HVLS fans to describe their characteristics and applications. Here are some alternative names for HVLS fans:

  1. Big fans
  2. Giant fans
  3. Macro fans
  4. High-capacity fans
  5. High-efficiency fans
  6. Large ceiling fans
  7. Industrial ceiling fans
  8. Low-speed fans
  9. Large diameter fans
  10. High-airflow fans

AirVolution - The O.G. This is one dependable beast. With AirVolution, the sky's the limit. Our original fan, the“OG”is the hardest working, most versatile cooling solution on the market.

AirLegacy - The Legend This ultimate utility fan uses tried and true technology proven to last over time. Performing better than any fan in her class, the legendary AirLegacy provides huge airflow while still meeting any budget.

AirLite - The Underdog This mighty underdog provides proven quality at a fraction of the price! The AirLite’s simplistic plug-n-play design and unbeatable reliability give you comfort that will not go unnoticed.

PORTABLE FANS can follow your employees wherever they roam on your premises. Adaptability and portability are key to all warehouse operations.

MOUNTED FANS circulate the air from certain heights and distances so that your employees can stay comfortable without tripping over wires. Ask us about our mounted fan installations and other services.

OTHER FAN SOLUTIONS that we offer include a loading dock fan/light combination as well as high-velocity alternatives. We believe that there is a unique solution for every warehouse.

We proudly sell more than just warehouse fans. We also sell warehouse equipment, including loading dock levelers, package materials, roll-up doors and more. Call one of our sales representatives at (251) 309-4564 to get started!

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