Dock Levelers

Dock levelers are a beneficial addition to any warehouse, no matter the industry. A dock leveler creates a bridge between a warehouse and the transport vehicle. The dock leveler can be mounted to the dock face or fitted into a pit. Dock levelers do more than increase productivity; they also increase your employees’ safety by reducing the opportunities for accidents. A dock leveler is a wise investment for any warehouse!

Regardless of your individual needs, we have the ideal dock leveler for you and your warehouse to make your warehouse work! Browse our most popular dock leveler selections below.


At Port City Industrial, we offer a variety of dock leveler systems that can accommodate any warehouse facility. Our impressive selection of dock leveler systems includes the following:

XDS EXTRA DOCK SAFETY SYSTEM: A popular warehouse solution, the XDS Extra Dock Safety System combines both a dock leveler and a safety guard. With the XDS, you can increase efficiency while ensuring your employees’ safety

DOCK LIP SAFETY BARRIER: Are you seeking a safety solution without investing in the cost? The Dock Lip Safety Barrier is a cost-efficient alternative to the XDS Extra Dock Safety System. Reduce both potential worker injury and property damage.

VERTICAL STORING DOCK LEVELER: Does your warehouse require strict climate control or extremely limited contamination? Consider investing in a Vertical Storing Dock Leveler! Its vertical storage allows you to completely close your warehouse doors, which helps reduce energy levels.

HYDRAULIC DOCK LEVELER: Are you looking for the easiest way to reduce warehouse costs? Relying on hydraulic cylinders, the Hydraulic Dock Leveler maximizes deck strength while simultaneously increasing warehouse efficiency.

MECHANICAL DOCK LEVELER: Reduce cross-traffic bounce and increase loading dock efficiency by investing in a simple mechanical dock leveler system. Your employees can use the pull-chain activation to raise the deck and provide durable strength for the loading and unloading process.

AIRBAG DOCK LEVELER: Do you want to decrease your environmental impact while increasing your warehouse efficiency? Invest in the high-volume but low-pressure Airbag Dock Leveler! It is an environmentally-friendly alternative to hydraulics, which rely on oil for power.

EDGE-OF-DOCK LEVELERS: Is your warehouse unable to support a pit leveler? An Edge-Of-Dock Leveler is a great alternative! Compact, easy to operate and self-storing, the Edge-Of-Dock Leveler can be applied to any dock face. Also, remember to ask your sales representative about our hydraulic and mechanical designs.

All of our dock levelers are available in three separate color options: standard blue, battleship grey and black gloss.

We Make Warehouses Work

Port City Industrial is the leading dealer of safe, advanced and effective warehouse equipment along the Gulf Coast. Dock levelers are just one product that we offer for warehouses. Contact our renowned sales team today in order to boost your warehouse tomorrow.

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