Loading Dock Seals and Shelters

Conserving energy, protecting employees and safety transporting wares are an essential component of any functional warehouse. Loading dock seals and shelters do all three by closing the gap between the transportation equipment and building wall. Ensure that your warehouse is operating at its utmost efficiency by investing in loading dock seals and shelters.

At Port City Industrial, we offer a variety of loading dock seals, including compression dock seals. Compression dock seals provide an airtight seal between the transportation vehicle and the inside of the warehouse. This supports energy conservation as well as climate control for a warehouse.

Loading dock shelters protect both your employees and your cargo. Any type of dock shelter is a worthwhile investment, because it divides the inside of the warehouse and the outside environment. It also helps conserve energy, which saves your business money. At Port City Industrial, we provide many different types of shelters, including:





We Make Warehouses Work

Port City Industrial wants to be your partner in all things warehouse equipment. We offer a variety of products, including warehouse doors, pallet racking, loading dock equipment, packaging materials and much more. Visit www.portcitymobile.com or call a sales representative at (251) 277-3444 to begin today.

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