Other Material Handling Equipment

Material handling is defined as any equipment used to move, store or ship items, which is a very broad term. In a production environment, there are plenty of situations where workers are required to move large, heavy materials. 

Here are just a few examples of material handling equipment that we carry, install and service.

Warehouse Fans

Warehouse fans save money, energy and moisture buildup. These powerful fans are available in a variety of styles for several purposes:

PORTABLE FANS are designed to be durable and long-lasting. These fans are made for anywhere a high volume of air movement is required, and may increase productivity by 3% in the workplace once the temperature is reduced below 80 degrees.

CEILING MOUNTED FANS are directional spot cooling fans that keep employees comfortable and productive.

PEDESTAL FANS are efficient and economical. These fans are easy to move for optimized cooling and air.

HIGH-VELOCITY FANS perform better in large spaces and improve installation.

WHOLE HOUSE FANS AND SHUTTERS minimize space while providing the power to keep your workspace cool.

AGRICULTURAL FANS keep humidity in check while removing harmful particles and pathogens from the air.

WALL EXHAUST AND SUPPLY FANS pressurizes and depressurizes buildings to push stale air out and fresh air in.

ROOF-MOUNT FANS are the efficient and cost-effective way to rid buildings of overheated air issues.

TUBE AXIAL FANS control the heat process and improve ventilation in your facility.


Conveyor Systems

The acquisition of conveyor systems has proven to be a wise move. These systems allow for easy processing and the efficiency of moving objects from one location to another. At Port City Industrial, we specialize in offering everything from gravity conveyors to power and specialty conveyors.


Modular Office Equipment

When it comes to modular offices and warehouse offices, Port City Industrial has you covered. From economically friendly to environmentally friendly, we offer a wide variety of modular office equipment. Our engineers design and create a building to fit your specific project, so you can operate at full efficiency, lowering downtime. You can choose from unlimited possibilities when you choose to work with Port City Industrial! Our offices and equipment offer outstanding value and price no matter the project, and we are always one call away if something goes wrong.

At Port City Industrial, we work with you to determine the best equipment for your business’s individual needs. If you are looking for warehouse equipment, let our expert technicians work with you to make your warehouse work.


Industrial Cabinets

Port City Industrial always chooses leading, world-class vendors that supply quality design and products for your needs. Rousseau cabinets are industrial-strength and provide opportunities for efficient, safe and secure small parts storage for your business. By choosing Rousseau, you are opting for the most dependable and exceptional products in this industry’s market. At Port City Industrial, we specialize in offering everything from industrial stationary drawer cabinets to mobile drawer cabinets and more.


Modular Drawers

Organized drawers can help make your job easier and save time. Varying accessories and additions can be added to improve organization and ensure everything remains where you need it to be. Rousseau drawers have best-in-class durability and the sliding system comes with a lifetime warranty securing your investment. You can factor in growth with modular drawers in a number of ways so your business is ready for whatever the future holds. At Port City Industrial, we specialize in offering the tools and equipment you need to help make processes run smoother for your business.

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