Vehicle Restraint Solutions

Our vehicle restraints at Port City Industrial are intended to make your warehouse work. All vehicle restraints are designed to be easy to use and apply upwards of thirty-five thousand pounds of restraining force. No matter which vehicle restraint you choose, your vehicle will remain stationed at the dock, so that your warehouse employees can safely load and unload cargo.

What Vehicle Restraints Protect Against

Our vehicle restraints are intended to prevent a variety of workplace accidents and mishaps, including the following unfortunate incidents:

Unscheduled departures where the vehicle leaves unexpectedly and puts warehouse employees at risk.

Trailer creeps, which are very serious warehouse hazards. The cargo trailer gradually separates from the loading dock during the loading or unloading process.

Trailer walks or trailer sways, which disturb the loading and unloading processes at any warehouse. A moving trailer can produce disastrous results.

Vehicle restraints from Port City Industrial also require minimal maintenance and servicing.

How Vehicle Restraints are Designed

Vehicle restraints’ designs will ensure that your warehouse works as productively, efficiently and safely as possible. Our vehicle restraints are designed with the following features:

All vehicle restraints come with standard controls for simplified use.

All vehicle restraints come with an advanced light communication package for efficiency and safety.

Vehicle restraints can be combined with dock levelers for increased performance.

At Port City Industrial, we also offer three separate designs for vehicle restraints, so that you and your business can select the best option for your warehouse and vehicles.




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