Loading Dock Equipment

Loading Dock Solutions

Loading docks are a necessity for nearly any warehouse or business that ships or receives goods, although many people are not aware of loading dock designs and functions. At Port City Industrial, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to design loading docks with maximum efficiency and safety. When designing a loading dock, we consider the client’s unique needs, such as the available space for trucks to reach the loading dock, the actual slope of the dock approach, the size of the loading dock door, bumper and seal projections, the type of product being loaded and unloaded, dock height and more. This ensures that your loading dock provides your warehouse with stability and productivity. 

Port City Industrial is the leading solution provider of safe, effective and technologically advanced loading dock solutions on the Gulf Coast. Our renowned docking solutions include:

Dock Levelers

Here at Port City Industrial, we provide several dock leveling systems:

XDS EXTRA DOCK SAFETY SYSTEM is one of the most popular systems we offer. It is a two-in-one combination of a dock leveler and a safety guard. The heavy duty hydraulic leveler has steel l-beams welded at impact points, providing deck support during high-traffic applications. The touch control panel ensures ease of operation and alerts drivers and dock attendants to potentially unsafe conditions.

DOCK LIP SAFETY BARRIER is a wonderful economic alternative to the XDS and an additional line of defense against worker injury and property damage.

VERTICAL STORING DOCK LEVELER is the best dock solution for facilities that require climate control or extreme cleanliness levels. Stored vertically when not in use, which allows for doors to completely close to reduce energy levels and debris from entering. It includes a touch control panel, steel construction and hydraulic fall-safe.

HYDRAULIC DOCK LEVELER has strategically welded steel beams to maximize deck strength to improve product longevity. Hydraulic cylinders increase operating efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements resulting in a lower overall cost.

MECHANICAL DOCK LEVELER operates simply by pulling the release chain and letting the heavy-duty lift springs do the job. The mechanical hold-down system reduces cross-traffic bounce, lowering risk of damage.

AIRBAG DOCK LEVELER is a high-volume, low-pressure air lifting system that is an environmentally friendly alternative to oil-powered hydraulics. The PVC-coated airbag will operate in extreme temperatures and withstand pressures without over-inflating and U-beams provide deck support.

EDGE-OF-DOCK LEVELERS are ideal for locations that cannot support a pit leveler. These are compact and self-storing units, which can be easily applied to a dock face to provide a sturdy bridge between the dock and the trailer. These levelers are available in both hydraulic and mechanical designs.

Each dock leveler is available in three different paint color options: standard blue, battleship grey and black gloss. We’ll work with you to determine your unique needs and recommend the leveler that’s right for you.


Dock Equipment Control Stations

Our dock equipment control stations improve both productivity and safety. There is a solution available for every application, from angle push-buttons to microprocessor-based control systems. The control system is available in a variety of configurations, like a standalone dock lever or vehicle restraint control station. Its versatility and safety-enhancing features raise the standards for docking technology.


Vehicle Restraints

Our vehicle restraints are simply designed, easy to use and can apply up to thirty-five thousand pounds of restraining force to keep vehicles stationed at the dock. These restraints safe-guard against unscheduled departures, trailer creep, trailer walk and require minimal maintenance. Vehicle restraints service a variety of carriers, and may be interlocked with dock levelers for intensified performance. All restraints come with standard controls and an advanced light communication package. These are available in hydraulic, mechanical and electric designs.


Dock Lifts

Our elevating docks instantly transform any surface into a loading dock. These dock lifts elevate and lower using a hydraulic, enabling them to easily accommodate vehicle heights from the ground or facility floor. We have optional features for specific installation requirements or desires available as well.


Seals and shelters

The dock seals and shelters converse energy, maintain temperatures and protect both employees and equipment. We offer compression dock seals as well as inflatable, rigid, retractable and soft-sided shelters.


Dock safety accessories

Begin maximizing safety and productivity at the loading dock with our dock leveler conversion kits, weather seals, communication light packages, wheel chocks and many more accessories for various appliances.

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