Dock lifts

A warehouse is an unpredictable environment; your equipment should be able to adjust and accommodate any circumstance. Dock lifts are a great way to make your warehouse work, because they are a versatile tool for any warehouse, regardless of industry and cargo. At Port City Industrial, we sell dock lifts to help you increase productivity, promote safety and make your warehouse work.

How Dock Lifts Improve Warehouses

At Port City Industrial, we sell dock lifts that are intended to improve the productivity and efficiency of any warehouse. Dock lifts have many industry advantages, including the following benefits:

DOCK LIFTS TRANSFORM ANY FLAT SURFACE INTO A LOADING DOCK - Trust the high-quality construction and mechanics to help your warehouse workers load and unload any delivery on any flat surface. Employees can anchor the dock lift to the warehouse floor or attach the lift to a wall.

DOCK LIFTS ARE USE TO USE - A dock lift utilizes a hydraulic pump to accommodate a vehicle’s appropriate height to avoid awkward maneuvering.

DOCK LIFTS INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY - Dock lifts are a simple solution to increasing warehouse and employees’ productivity. A dock lift has the potential to boost loading and unloading times for your warehouse. Purchasing a dock lift is also more efficient than manually loading or unloading cargo.

DOCK LIFTS REDUCE RISK - Dock lifts decrease many risks, including potential workplace accidents. Dock lifts also have the capacity to reduce handling costs and possible damage to cargo.

DOCK LIFTS CAN BE CUSTOMIZED - Dock lifts can also be constructed to fit a variety of measurements. Deck widths can range from 60” to 96”.

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