Biloxi, MS

The city of Biloxi, Mississippi is another Gulf Coast retreat tourists and residents enjoy. From hidden gems to family outings, the activities never end. Biloxi is based in the metropolitan area and is currently populated by 45,328 people. Of that population, the diversity continues to grow and so do businesses. On the shore or catching the sunset, there is room for all. 

With a lively and modern city, Port City Industrial has invested its problem-solving sales approach to make an effort and find solutions for vertical integration. 

Configuration of Pallet Racking

PCI engineers specialize in pallet racking systems. With configuration options, almost nothing is impossible to service. 

  • Teardrop or selective pallet racking 
  • Easy pallet flows
  • Proper placement of racks and even removal of racks
  • Access to individual pallets available 
  • Lower level configuration built for continuous usage
  • Professional installation and shifting of shelves
  • Custom pallet services 
  • Pallet coding structures

Strong Handling Equipment

Did you know? Biloxi city has lighthouses located near the beach shores that still stand tall to this day even after the infamous hurricanes like Katrina. It is a small reminder for the people of Biloxi that the city remains strong. In the same way, PCI knows the possibilities that pallet racking brings to the table with its many beneficial features.

  • Pallets available in heavy-duty metal, galvanized and steel material 
  • Warranty through brand’s manufacturers
  • Stability in design 
  • Horizontal and vertical loads 

Other Pallet Racking Parts

PCI encourages other similar facilities to join the movement of handling pallet racking systems along with other parts such as:

  • Upright, box and step beams
  • Steel shelving
  • Wire decks
  • Aisle guards
  • Garment rails  
  • Heavy-duty interlake teardrop pallets
  • Pallet supports
  • Standard, bolt-together uprights, closed, double and specialty frames 
  • Starter kits 

Other Popular Accessories

All of these add-ons are intended for extra protection when used in racks, forklifts and with employee safety in mind. Each comes in a variety of sizes.

  • Fixed rack safety nets (bright color to distinguish the net from other inventory,easily mounts to shelves)
  • Modular pallet nets (safety zone protection usually found in high altitude pallets)
  • Rack safety nets (useful for existing racks, easily mounts) 
  • Sliding, carton flow and cantilever rack
  • Wall ties
  • Pallet supports
  • Row spacers (horizontal racking support)
  • Post protectors (helps with conveyor legs) 
  • Safety pins (quick solution for pallet rack holes) 

Port City Industrial is the region’s experts in material handling equipment. We create the space so you won’t have to. Contact us today to speak about products that matter most for your business in the Biloxi, Mississippi area. Tel: 251-277-3444. Emergency services are available.

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