Birmingham, AL

Port City Industrial caters to the city of Birmingham, Alabama. Known for their Civil Rights District, observation centers, museums and the chocolate factory. There is certainly something for everyone to do. 

City Industrial Development Facts

  • Birmingham, Alabama was once well known for one of the largest pig iron factories in the world named Sloss Furnaces. 
  • It is now a national historic landmark.  
  • The Sloss founder focused on railroad development but was later sold and converted to an industrial park. 
  • Birmingham is a place where the iron and steel industry began and has since evolved into a smart, leading material handling approach like Port City Industrial.

Continued Industrial Production

  • PCI has continued to live up to ethical and sustainable standards following the continued use of industrial production. 
  • We work alongside competitive manufacturers and are still the only dealer of used pallet racking systems in the Gulf Coast.

Pallet Options

To get the most out of PCI pallet racking services, we offer different options including, breakdown and removal of racking and equipment. Our professionals can help choose the best structure for your warehouse. 

  • Pallet racks with safe and expandable frames included are support beams and collision protection.
  • Mobile pallet racks are compact and ideal for heavy storage. It is a great option for the food industry.
  • Deep pallet racks with dividers, crossbars, spacers and brackets. 
  • Portable stack racks-high loading capacity with no assembly required.
  • Shelf-retrievals-modular design and optimum storage with quick and easy access (a one-source solution). 
  • Channel storage system-storage space downgrade with the use of channel vehicles also good for food industries. 
  • Pallet dynamic flow racks-ideal for FIFO (first-in-first-out) for easy lower level reach on warehouse goods.
  • High-bay warehouses-built for conventional pallets and load-bearing capacities.
  • Pallet kits are also available upon request.

Quality Over Quantity

Port City Industrial’s promise is quality over quantity on any pallet racks. The same great attention to detail is put into the pallet racking systems

  • Save money on both equipment insurance 
  • We negotiate with other industrial companies for you to cut downtime on locating and liquidating material
  • Shipping and delivery made easy

Port City Industrial is the region’s expert in material handling equipment. We create the space so you won’t have to. Contact us today to speak about services that matter most for your business in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Tel: 251-277-3444. Emergency services are available.

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