How High-Speed Performance Doors Enhance Building Security

At Port City Industrial, we supply our customers with the best high-speed performance doors in the industry. Our high-speed performance doors have enhanced building security for hundreds of customers. Not only are these doors durable, they are highly efficient and climate-controlled, which protects employees and items within the warehouse. 

High-Performance Fabric Doors

Our high-performance fabric doors stimulate safety, sustainability and efficiency. These doors have a simple, lightweight design that is low-maintenance and easy to install. Its quick closing and operating speeds make daily operations more efficient, while minimizing the loss of conditioned air. A built-in light grid guards the closing zone for up to eight feet, and the bottom profile prevents downtime and closing damage. 

Sectional Overhead Doors

Our sectional overhead doors are ideal solutions for commercial facilities and warehouses. These doors offer superior thermal insulation, so your facility is climate-controlled, no matter if it needs to be warm or cool. These doors also reduce noise infiltration, meaning distractions diminish and the environment in your workspace becomes more focused. Sectional overhead doors are great for those in need of fast and efficient operation, and have several safety features installed. 

Rolling Steel Doors

Our rolling steel doors are fantastic for high-cycle applications. The springless design ensures maintenance-free operation, and the panels are extremely durable. Rolling steel doors have support seals that reduce airflow and noise infiltration. Attached to the door is an emergency chain hoist to be used for operation during power outages. 

Cold Storage Doors

Our cold storage doors offer superior climate control, which helps you keep products fresh and energy bills low. These doors have a foam panel design that maintains operating flexibility up to thirty-three degrees and limits condensation, along with draft seals that allow for an extra degree of climate control. There is a light grid built into the guide tracks for up to eight feet of added safety, and a panel design that makes replacement easy for minimum downtime. 

Fire Doors

Our fire doors are insulated and act as a thermal barrier in case of a fire, which protects employees and items inside the building. A conventional motor operator will close the fire door through control wiring in response to an alarm. The closing speed of these doors is controlled to not exceed nine inches per second, and the doors are durable enough to require little to no maintenance

When it comes to your business, it’s important to have the materials that you need to get the job done. Our high-speed performance doors are created with the best materials and technology to ensure your business continues to run up to speed. Our pallet racking team and dock and door service crews are the best in the business.

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