How to Know When It is Time to Service Overhead Doors

Daily production in a warehouse can cause wear and tear damage to your overhead doors. In the bustle of everyday life, however, you and your employees may overlook these seemingly minor details until the door ceases to work efficiently. How should you know when to service or replace your overhead doors? The answer varies depending on your overhead door’s current condition, age, function, type of door and more. However, there are usually consistent signs, no matter the variables.

Here are some of the biggest and most common signs, as noted by the warehouse experts at Port City Industrial!

  1. Any odd noises or malfunctions are the most prominent sign that it is time for you to service your overhead doors. You should ensure that your employees recognize what to look for and how to identify potential problems with your overhead doors.
  2. When was the last time that you had your overhead door serviced? If it has been a year or longer since your warehouse doors were maintained, then it is time to schedule a service appointment! We recommend a servicing appointment at least once a year, because that will offset potential costs in the long run.
  3. Deteriorating rollers are a sign that you should service your overhead doors, if not replace them completely. Worn, chipped or cracked rollers are potential hazards not just for the efficiency of the workplace, but for safety as well. Consider replacing your rollers whenever you get your door serviced.
  4. Have you checked your cables lately? Worn or deteriorating cables can cause major problems down the road for your warehouse production. If your door is malfunctioning, then the cables could be a plausible reason. An experienced maintenance technician can decipher this issue for you.
  5. An off-balanced overhead door is an unproductive door. Are you noticing that your overhead door is not properly balanced? That means it is time to schedule a servicing appointment!
  6. Are the door tracks clear? Hindrances like debris and rust can keep your door from functioning properly. While small adjustments can be completed by you or your employees, we recommend that any major adjustments to your door tracks are conducted by a professional.
  7. Weatherstripping does more than keep the cold outside of your warehouse. Weatherstripping also blocks water, dust and dirt. If you are noticing that your weatherstripping is deteriorating, or that outside elements are invading your warehouse, then you should talk to a professional.

Ultimately, the most important and telltale sign that it is time for your door to be serviced is any type of door malfunction. Whether a noticeable issue or not, a malfunctioning door can not only affect your warehouse’s production rate but your employees’ safety as well. At Port City Industrial, our experienced crews are able to maintain and service any warehouse equipment, regardless of whom you purchased it from. That list of equipment includes your warehouse overhead doors!

With more than 20 years of experience, Port City Industrial is dedicated to Making Your Warehouses Work. Visit or call (251) 277-3444 today to learn more about scheduling a servicing appointment.

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