How to Select the Right High-Performance Doors

Doors are essential to keeping your warehouse working as efficiently as possible. However, when optimizing your warehouse for superior performance, how do you know which high-performance doors to choose? Here are 5 helpful tips for selecting the best high-performance door for your warehouse, no matter your industry!

  1. What will the door be used for?

Regardless of your industry field, it is important to consider what your warehouse doors’ purpose will be. Who will they keep out? What will they keep in? These are important questions to ask!

For example, what if you store frozen products in your warehouse? If this is the case, you will want a door that offers both speed and high-insulation. High-speed freezer doors are the perfect choice by keeping your products cool and your costs low. 

Apply the same way of thinking to your business. There are a variety of doors available for you to choose from and keep your warehouse working to full capacity!

  1. What are the safety precautions necessary?

Every door will come with its own risks, regardless of how much training your employees undergo. However, the best way to decrease the risk of any work-related accidents is to fully research your door options, make sure your employees understand the door and that they understand how it works.

The best example is a rapid-roller door. Will your employees know its speeds, or how to stop it in case of an emergency? Unfortunately, operating warehouse doors is not as easy as flicking a switch. These are important elements to consider when selecting the right warehouse door for your building.

  1. Will your employees benefit?

Expanding upon the previous point, you should consider your warehouse employees when considering your warehouse doors. Will the door be easy or difficult to open, much less operate? Temperature control is also another element to consider. For example, doors that leak cool air may be less satisfactory for your employees, especially in the warmer months.

Overall, while your employees’ well-being may not be an obvious factor in selecting the right door for your warehouse, it is still an important one.

  1. How much does a new door cost?

Many individuals may consider this question the most critical one in the decision-making process: how much will your new warehouse door cost? As with any other warehouse equipment, the costs of a door go beyond the initial purchase and installation. What about after the fact?

Other major costs for warehouse doors can include maintenance and servicing, as well as any extra equipment or material.

  1. What traffic will be interacting with the door?

Depending on who, or what, makes deliveries to your warehouse, you will need to consider what kind of traffic you expect to enter and leave the building. If a delivery van unloads heavy equipment, then a high-performance roll-up rubber door would be ideal. If you require a more versatile solution that can adapt to different kinds of traffic, then a fabric door would be best for your warehouse.

In conclusion, there are a variety of factors to consider when selecting the right type of high-performance door for your warehouse and business. However, these are the top 5, including use, costs, safety and traffic!

Are you still thinking about the perfect high-performance door for your warehouse building? Port City Industrial can help! Not only do we sell Rytec Corporation doors, but we also install, service and maintain any equipment that you purchase from us.

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