How to Upkeep a Loading Dock on the Gulf Coast

An essential part of running any warehouse is to ensure that your equipment is unaffected by the outside elements. On the Gulf Coast, that can be especially difficult with the salt air and sea spray. For example, salt is known to corrode metal, paint and finishes. Rust and defective metal can impair warehouses processes and, by extension, decrease business productivity.

How do you effectively upkeep a loading dock on the Gulf Coast, whether in Florida, Alabama or Mississippi? Here are some of our best tips as collected by our team of experts at Port City Industrial. These tips can apply to various parts of the loading dock, including the leveler plate, overhead door, dock bumpers and more.

Perform Routine Inspections on All Necessary Equipment

The best way to curb any problem is to catch it early. Routine inspections and regular maintenance are ideal for warehouses and their equipment, including all parts of loading docks. Fortunately, at Port City Industrial, our experienced crew offer maintenance and inspection services!

Keep Any Openings Closed and Clean

We understand that loading and unloading cargo requires continual access to the outside. Regardless, you should ensure that your employees know to keep all overhead doors, regular doors and windows closed when necessary. This process will help keep the salt elements out of your warehouse and, more importantly, protect your loading dock equipment!

Protect Any Exposed Metals With Specialized Coating

Purchase a specialized coating for all metal loading dock equipment. This coating can assist in preventing salt corrosion, rust and other forms of deterioration. If you are unsure which coating is best for your equipment, please reach out to our team of experts for recommendations!

Keep Your Employees Informed

Do your warehouse crews know what salt erosion looks like? Is there a dedicated process for reporting defective equipment, or for preserving loading docks? These are important questions to ask when protecting your equipment from outside elements. If you have not already, we recommend establishing a plan of action for you and your employees. Proactiveness is a key component of protecting your loading dock from the volatile outside elements!

Update Equipment as Necessary

When operating a warehouse, financial costs cannot be avoided. Don’t allow the outside elements to worsen deteriorating equipment. When necessary, we recommend recoating, refurbishing or replacing parts of the loading dock. These costs will be cheaper than losing profits or halting productivity. As previously mentioned, being proactive is more effective than any other solution!

As a family-owned business, we love and appreciate living on the Gulf Coast; however, we are not ignorant to the effects that the sea breeze, salt air and humidity can have on loading dock equipment. At Port City Industrial, we offer a variety of warehouse services that are dedicated to keeping your warehouse working. We service and maintain warehouses, as well as install equipment, optimize floor space and modify certain elements.

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