Loading Dock Bumpers

At Port City Industrial, we are proud to offer a variety of the Blue Giant loading dock bumpers. A loading dock bumper is an apparatus attached to a loading dock that absorbs the impact of a truck or trailer and provides protection to both your building and the vehicle. 

Approaching trucks and trailers may generate up to three-hundred thousand pounds of impact force during the load-in and load-out process. While this may not initially cause any damage to the building or warehouse, continuous impact over time may lead to dangerous damage if not properly addressed. By choosing the right loading dock bumper, you can avoid building, dock or vehicle damage, expensive repairs and unnecessary downtown time. 

Not all loading dock bumpers are made equally, which is why it is important for us to help you choose the best bumper for your dock. The most common types of loading dock bumpers are:

  • Molded: If damage to walls, loading docks or vehicles are a concern in your light traffic facility, then a molded loading dock bumper may be perfect for you! These bumpers are ideal for light traffic loading docks with low intensity applications, as they are made from rubber and do not rust or wrap. 
  • Laminated: For damage to walls, loading docks and vehicles in a medium traffic area, laminated loading dock bumpers may be for you! These loading dock bumpers are perfect for medium traffic, and can provide thickness, height and length than a molded loading dock bumper. These laminated bumpers may also be used for interior wall protection. 
  • Steel Face: To prevent damage to walls, loading docks and vehicles in a high traffic area, a steel face loading dock bumper is perfect for you! These bumpers are ideal for heavy-duty, high-traffic and frequent impact applications, as the steel plate preserves the rubber from frequent wear and tear. These bumpers are more resistant to wear compared to the molded and laminated dock bumpers. 

No matter the traffic in your facility, loading dock bumpers are an essential part of a facility’s protection plan. Choosing the right loading dock will help you avoid costly damages and delays. Let Port City Industrial help you find the loading dock bumper that suits your facility the best. With years of experience and help from local experts, Port City Industrial has all the tools to help your facility maximize efficiency at a minimum cost!

Do you have questions about "Loading Dock Bumpers" Contact the professionals at Port City Industrial!

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