Mobile, AL

Consider Mobile, Alabama your new favorite southern spot. With its historic landmarks and tourist attractions, there is more this city has to offer to business owners. 

Port City Industrial is one of the largest regions in the Gulf Coast with a smart use in pallet racking

Historically Innovative

The city of Mobile has centuries of deep-rooted history behind every attraction. As they continue to keep the city up and running, Mobile requires innovation in all fields of manufacturing and material handling. PCI is able to keep up with demand on pallet racking systems as well as administrative services as needed. 

  • Building and modifying warehouses around Mobile City areas through optimization and the help of PCI’s pallet racking systems. 
  • Taking initiative in creating jobs for those who are handling experts in the field of teardrop pallet racking designs. 
  • Contributing to keeping each district up and running with high-demand products such as in bulk stores, gift shops, food and safety handling with restaurants, plus much more.

Our Safety Promise 

The mobile city is a highly attractive hot spot for newcomers but also a creative artist’s dream in residential living. As the population grows, our safety promise does too. 

PCI is able to ensure a safety promise as its mission when working with pallet racking systems in-house. 

  • Operating with performance, quality and durability 
  • Inspection and professional installation is done on all services
  • Providing safety guards, rails, protective wiring mesh and recycled packaging to any pallet systems we modify to any floor unit. 

Economy Driven City

PCI has had the privilege of working alongside trustworthy brands in the economy-driven city of Mobile. To continue to do our part, we acknowledge these works of products and find other ways to make pallet racking a success .

  • Popular material handling brands we use for pallet racking systems include Husky Rack & Wire, Triangle Engineering, Wayne Dalton and Rytec.
  • Working alongside a team of experts to deliver the same great quality products and services to our customers 
  • Expansion of warehouses allow for more usage of the product line inventory

Port City Industrial is the region’s experts in material handling equipment and installation. We create the space so you won’t have to. Contact us today to speak about products that matter most for your business in the Mobile area. Tel: 251-277-3444. Emergency services are available.

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