New Contract with City of Mobile & Port City Industrial

Port City Industrial has always been a company that values the dignity of hard work, building lasting relationships, doing what’s right and serving our customers and the community.

We are a proud locally-owned family business based out of Mobile, Alabama, that is always willing to go the extra mile to make our client’s warehouses work. Our vision for our company is displayed through our values and actions in hopes to make a greater impact on our clients and the community. We believe in creating opportunities through partnerships with our community that can help encourage local growth and expansion to better serve the great City of Mobile.

The Port City Industrial team is thrilled and honored to announce a new partnership between the City of Mobile and Port City Industrial. This month, Port City Industrial has been awarded an authorization service contract with the City of Mobile for overhead garage doors, counter shutters, electronic gates services and more at various city locations throughout the city. The comprehensive closing costs for this contract results in $105,600.00.

This partnership is a true privilege on the behalf of Port City Industrial and a testament to commitment towards furthering our city for a better future. We look forward to what’s to come for our community and our city!

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