New Orleans, LA

Located in Louisiana, New Orleans is a lively area PCI loves to work with. You may know this city for its creole gumbo, Mardi gras celebrations and upbeat outdoor street events.

Port City Industrial notices the high tourist attractions the city brings and how much more material handling can be used on the outskirts of the well-known Bourbon streets.

Smart Storing Solutions

PCI takes on any project when it comes to material handling. We create smart storing solutions for supplies that originally take up a lot of space. Pallet racking is especially useful in the reconfiguration process. 

  • There is high demand for the food and drink industries in the pallet racking realm. 
  • Business owners often relocate their facilities. PCI is able to then easily reconfigure their pallet system and modify it accordingly.
  • Pushing towards the vertical structure design, racks are interchangeable and vary within high-capacity support loads, frames and beams.
  • Although teardrop and structural rack pallets are common, narrow aisle storage is also an option for smaller spaces.
  • A pallet flow rack is a plus for smart storing solutions when combined with a pallet racking system. PCI likes to include LIFO and FIFO forklift solutions for easier product access. 

Money-Saving Budget

Small or large quantities of pallet racks are a money-saving, budget-friendly way of receiving high-quality useful products. 

  • Businesses in New Orleans continue to rise and owners want to look for new ways to save money on simple space maximization  

Port City Industrial is the region’s experts in material handling equipment. We create the space so you won’t have to. Contact us today to speak about services that matter most for your business in the New Orleans area. Tel: 251-277-3444. Emergency services are available.

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