Modular Drawers

In order to save both time and money, investing in modular drawers is an essential addition to your warehouse. These storage solutions come with various accessories, additions and overall adjustments that help to ensure all your tools and items are exactly where they need to be. With best-in-class durability and a lifetime warranty, we supply Rousseau drawers with pride! These drawers are known for their reliable sliding system and accessibility.

Rousseau cabinets come with a variety of drawer accessories available, from partitions, plastic bins and more. The customization options are endless; for example, all accessories and compartments are compatible with each other and can be easily rearranged. Further customization includes your choice of color.

Each drawer includes a central keyed locking mechanism for all drawers of the same cabinet, and each individual section extends 100% for ease of access. We also know that moving such heavy drawers can be a difficult task; that is why each Rousseau cabinet comes with a front access forklift base, so transporting your cabinet and its contents can be done efficiently.

At Port City Industrial, we specialize in offering the tools and equipment you need to help make processes run smoother for your business. For more information on the specifications of all the different sizes and options of modular drawers we provide, give us a call today at (251) 313-5934, or visit our supplier’s site here.

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