Safety Systems for Warehouse Overhead Doors

Any manufacturing or distributing warehouse is an unpredictable workplace environment. Cargo is constantly loading and unloading; employees are constantly moving; vehicles are constantly arriving and departing. It may feel impossible to secure the safety and security of all individuals and objects. However, at Port City Industrial, we have the solution: safety systems for warehouse overhead doors.

There are a variety of safety systems for warehouse overhead doors that can be installed and combined. At Port City Industrial, we understand that each warehouse is unique and deserves unique solutions, especially when it comes to safety. Below are just a few safety solutions that we offer. All safety systems are ideal by themselves or can be combined with others for additional security.

  • Hands-Free Operations: Allow your warehouse employees to multitask and stay safe at the same time with hands-free operations. With this hands-free activation, your employees can avoid unnecessary contact with any buttons or levers. This feature has become increasingly useful during COVID-19 and as we approach flu season.
  • Safety and Signaling Options: Lighting fixtures are a simple visual solution to improving safety and reducing risks at your warehouse. These visual detectors can stop an opening or closing door if an object or individual is in its path.
    • These lights can include standard traffic lights, rotating lights or strobe lights
    • The safety signals can be enhanced as well
  • Countdown Clocks: Keep your warehouse running as smoothly as possible with countdown clocks. The clock signals to your employees how much time remains before a warehouse door shuts.
    • This visual signifier is a simple and cost-effective way to keep your employees safe
  • Manual Open Option: While a manual open option may sound counterproductive, it is the exact opposite. If your warehouse is located on the Gulf Coast, then you and your employees understand the weather risks all too well. If the power cuts out at your warehouse, then you and your employees can utilize the manual open option to open or close your doors.
  • Reversing Bottom Sensing Edge: Imagine how convenient it would be to have an automatic system. The reversing bottom sensing edge will automatically reverse the door whenever it senses some type of obstruction, such as an object in the way.

Overall door safety extends to other parts of the warehouse as well, such as the loading dock systems. At Port City Industrial, we sell loading dock safety barrier systems intended to be more effective than the standard orange cones. You can also consider investing in vehicle restraint systems for your warehouse in order to protect both personnel and cargo.

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