Service Coordinator

The Service Coordinator for Port City Industrial is responsible for managing the flow of activities for service field crews. This position requires a customer-focused mindset and the ability to be on the phone for long periods of time while being able to multitask other priorities for the day. This includes monitoring the daily schedule and adjusting the schedule as needed to complete the expected and upcoming work in the short term. This individual will also handle all inbound emergency service calls and other job site-related calls before forwarding them to the correct team member. They will collaborate with service managers, service and installation technicians, sales representatives, customers, and others to help get work scheduled and completed as seamlessly as possible.

This is a fast-paced and demanding role with high visibility within the company.

The position reports to and assists the Service Manager.

Service Coordinator Duties & Responsibilities
Schedule all field projects for upcoming jobs after communication and collaboration with various internal and external personnel and emails or calls from customers.
Procure and monitor lead times for any parts needed to complete field repairs.
Review upcoming schedules and work with the warehouse crew to make sure any needed products or supplies are ready at minimum the day before for repairs.
Ensure field crews have an appropriate amount of work that can be executed and communicate to the supervisor any performance in the field that is irregular.
Monitor performance of the field for management reports, including productivity, utilization, overtime, travel time, and other key resource metrics.
Allocate field activities to field crews, including travel time, emergency work, and various equipment rentals for when the crews are working.
Communicate with customers on scheduling times and update with on the way and completion statuses.
Manage real-time adjustments to crew schedules due to resource changes or business conditions should they change during the day.
Facilitate follow-up calls to customers to ensure service or installation meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the company.
Assist Service and Installation Technicians with managing and counting truck inventory.

Service Coordinator Skills and Qualifications
A successful Service Coordinator will have strong organizational and communication skills, with attention to detail for managing incoming repair or installation requests.
They should have knowledge of scheduling software and basic computer skills.
An understanding of basic construction and repair terminology is a plus to effectively communicating with clients and adequately scheduling, but some skills may be learned on the job.

The Service Coordinator should have the skills and qualifications below:
High school diplomaExcellent communication and organizational skills
Knowledge of basic construction terminology
Experience with cloud-based software
Experience with Microsoft Suite of ServicesPrior experience in a customer-facing role

In order to apply:
Email your resume to
or mail it to
Port City Industrial, Inc.
PO Box 16702
Mobile, AL 36616

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