The Basics of Loading Dock Bumpers

Loading dock bumpers are attached to loading docks to absorb the effects of a truck or trailer whenever the loading dock is hit. These bumpers have the ability to absorb 90-95% of the impact of a truck or trailer hitting the dock. By having a loading dock bumper to absorb this impact, the materials for the building, loading dock, trailer and trailer are protected.

Selecting the appropriate load dock bumper can assist you in preventing damage to the building, loading dock, and cars as you create a plan to safeguard your business. This saves you from expensive repairs and unnecessary downtime. Although the goal of loading dock bumpers is to protect, this does not mean that just any loading dock bumper will work for you. Several factors affect your loading dock bumper selection, which is why we are here to help you find the best loading dock bumper solution for you!

Selection Criteria for Loading Dock Bumpers

A variety of factors contribute to choosing the best loading dock bumper. The most important factors include: 

  • Height of the dock
  • Dock approach
  • Service heights for truck beds
  • Volume of truck/trailer traffic each shift
  • Dock equipment being used

Based on these factors, you’ll choose the loading bumper that best fits your needs. 

Types of Loading Dock Bumpers

  • Molded. Molded loading dock bumpers are ideal for light traffic facilities with low-intensity applications. These bumpers are made from rubber and do not rust, warp or harden. Molded bumpers provide interior wall protection for your facility as well as protect walls from damage caused by forklifts and other material handling equipment.
  • Laminated. In a low to medium trafficked facility, laminated loading dock bumpers will help prevent damage to the walls of the facility as well as the vehicles. These loading dock bumpers provide more thickness, height, and length than molded bumpers. Laminated bumpers may also be used for interior wall protection. 
  • Steel Face. If you are working in a medium to high-trafficked facility and are worried about damage to walls or vehicles, then a steel face loading dock bumper is for you! These bumpers are ideal for frequent impact application as the steel plate preserves the rubber from wear and tear. These loading dock bumpers are also more resistant than molded or laminated loading dock bumpers. 

No matter if the facility you work at features low or high traffic volumes, a loading dock bumper is a necessary aspect of your facility protection plan. The right loading dock bumpers help avoid impact collision damage to the facility and the vehicle, saving time and money.

If you are interested in purchasing a loading dock bumper, our experts at Port City Industrial can work with you to ensure you chose the right loading dock bumper for you. They’ll answer questions and provide you with the care you deserve. Contact us today at for more information!

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