Why Invest in Hurricane-Strength Doors for Your Warehouse?

At Port City Industrial, we understand the importance of protecting your business from the hurricanes that strike along the Gulf Coast. That is why we provide the industry’s leading brand hurricane-proof doors for your warehouse! These doors make your warehouse safer, more accessible and, most importantly, protected against even the fiercest storms. Not sold yet? Here are three more reasons to invest in hurricane-strength doors: 

  1. Strong doors make for a strong building. 

A shocking discussion for many warehouse owners is how doors are the most vulnerable part of your warehouse. This is due to the fact that doors cover the largest gap in a building’s structure. If a door is too weak, high-speed winds may enter the building, causing pressure to build up against the walls and roof. When the pressure reaches its maximum, the roof is forced to raise, exposing the structure to the natural elements. 

By investing in hurricane-strength doors for your warehouse, you are choosing a door with draft seals, wind locks and steel mounting plates. These elements work in your favor against tough storms by adding security to your warehouse. 

  1. Consistency is key. 

The hurricanes we receive here on the Gulf Coast are often unpredictable. Most of the time, we do not even know how much time we have before the storm hits. However, by investing in hurricane-strength doors for your warehouse, you ensure that you have plenty of time to fulfill any and all responsibilities. By having consistent protection, you’ve taken all prior steps to protect your warehouse from the heavy rains and high-speed winds of the hurricane. 

  1. Contributes to cost efficiency. 

Hurricane-strength doors can save you hundreds of dollars a year! These doors are cost-effective protection meant to protect you, your warehouse and your assets. These doors are insulated, which contributes to your savings! This extra layer of protection will protect you and your assets during and after a storm from the harmful elements of the hurricane. 

  1. Reduced business interruption.

Warehouse doors damaged by hurricanes can significantly interrupt your business until your doors are repaired or replaced. With all of the chaos following a storm, it could take weeks to get doors replaced or repaired simply due to the "volume of need" during that time. While there are many issues that have to be dealt with post-hurricane, this is one problem you can simply avoid.

Having extra protection for your warehouse is always a good idea. Without this protection, you might find yourself and your business at risk of losing hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars when a harmful storm strikes. Stay ahead of the storm, and know it is always better to be prepared rather than pay the price after the storm. Our pallet racking team and dock and door service crews are the best in the business.

Do you have questions about "Why Invest In Hurricane-Strength Doors for Your Warehouse?" Contact the professionals at Port City Industrial!

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