Why You Should Be Using Pallet Racks

Do you know if your warehouse is working towards its full potential? The first step to running an efficient warehouse is to make sure that every square inch of space is utilized appropriately. If you have not already, you should invest in pallet racks as a storage solution.

Pallet racking has four major components: uprights, beams, row spacers and pallet supports. Similarly, there are four primary reasons why you should use pallet racking as a storage solution for you, your warehouse and your business.

You Can Build and Store Vertically

In past decades, the common warehouse had less than 10,000 square feet available. Now, according to www.wh1.com, the average warehouse unit begins at 25,000 square feet. That may sound like plenty of space available, but it fills quickly. How do you begin to optimize that space without running out of room?

With pallet racking, you can store shipments, equipment and other materials vertically instead of horizontally. Stacking takes advantage of available vertical space, which saves the ground floor for warehouse procedures, heavier equipment and your employees. No matter how high your ceiling is, you can rely on pallet racking as a storage solution.

You Can Organize and Reduce Clutter

It is vital to keep pathways clear for forklifts, other moving equipment, and employees in any warehouse. Disorganization, clutter and other stray objects can hinder procedures or, in some cases, cause a workplace accident. Pallet racking keeps items organized so that your warehouse can keep running efficiently and your employees stay safe.

You Can Customize Pallet Racking to Suit Your Needs

A solution should be as unique as your warehouse and your business. No matter your wares, there is a pallet racking solution available for you. There are many different types of pallet racking available for you to use, including teardrop, drive-in, cantilever and push-back pallet racking. At Port City Industrial, we sell them all and more.

Our highly-qualified team is available for warehouse consultations so that you can ensure that your pallet racking is performing to its best potential. We also offer modification, tear down and relocation services.

You Can Purchase New or Used Pallet Racking

Did you know that used pallet racking works just as well as new builds? Used pallet racking is easier on your budget without sacrificing quality. Used pallet racking is also better for the environment.

Port City Industrial is the largest dealer of used pallet racking on the Gulf Coast. We ensure that our used wares are high-quality and function without issues. We also sell many popular brands, including Interlake Mecalux, Modern Equipment Company and Wireway Husky.

Pallet racking optimizes your storage space, improves your organization and keeps materials secure. Reach out to our team of warehouse professionals today for more information about pallet racking, other warehouse equipment and services that we offer. Visit www.portcitymobile.com or call (251) 277-3444 today to get started. We can’t wait to work with you and your business. We Make Warehouses Work!

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